April 13 2021

DMN: We Recommend Mendelsohn for Dallas City Council District 12

december 10 2020

Overcoming NIMBY: Look at what Cara Mendelsohn did for the homeless in her Far North Dallas district

May 27 2020

Dallas City Council Set To Consider Possible 8% Property Tax Hike

“I’m hoping we do not pass that resolution and take it off the table. We’re going to have some really tough choices to make, but that doesn’t mitigate the fact that one of those choices shouldn’t be to make it harder for our residents,” said Mendelsohn.

december 8 2019


“We need to be able to police ourselves, it’s our responsibility. It is the number one reason we have a city: to protect our residents.”

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december 6 2019


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November 9 2019

“Homelessness in freezing temperatures is dangerous,” Mendelsohn says. “Every year, we have people experiencing homelessness who literally freeze to death. Just like we mobilized to care for people when the tornado hit, I’m proud the City of Dallas is stepping up to care for our homeless residents to make sure they are safe in extreme weather.”

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Cara Mendelsohn

Dallas city council, District 12